Making sound seems simple !


Often dubbed as The Most European City In North America, Montreal is well known as a melting pot of different ethnicities and languages. With close proximity to Toronto and New York, Montreal is the go-to city when it comes to translation. Not only do we have an excellent roster of translators on hand, but access to a massive talent bank of actors from every corner of the world as well. We keep a database of every translation we have done over the past 13 years and can quickly cross reference new material against previous translations that have been approved, saving our clients time and money.

Simply translating a product for the EFIGS (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish) is a piece of (delicious) cake. How about Japanese? Or Creole? Not only do our translators adapt your project to a target market, we even take into account the specific dialect of the region you wish to target. Will this be a French project for the Quebec market? Or would a more international French be more acceptable? There is also a big difference between European Spanish, and Spanish a Colombian would expect.

Most importantly, we employ SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) for each of the translations we provide. Should it be a medical product demonstration, or an aeronautical training program our translators speak the language(s).

WRITING SERVICES available with our various writter’s types

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